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Dear patients,

At androdermx, we are committed to serving you and our community. We are closely monitoring the latest developments regarding COVID-19. The health and safety of our Patients, employees, and communities are of utmost importance to us as we remain committed to providing uninterrupted service.

Our standard cleaning procedures have always used EPA-certified cleansers and disinfectants to maintain the cleanliness of our office and equipment. But, in this new outbreak situation, we have implemented incremental cleaning protocols to increase the frequency of cleaning common surfaces in our public areas, our workstations and our patient consultation rooms.
We have provided our employees with information on steps they can take to prevent the spread of illness and how to recognize COVID-19 symptoms.
Our Employees have been re-educated on proper hand washing and hand sanitizing protocol in between each patient and whenever indicated to help ensure we minimize the risk of any transmission of germs or viruses.
We are asking any employees to stay at home if sick. We advise all our valued patients to please stay at home if you are sick with a cough, fever or experiencing trouble with breathing. We also advise that you stay at home if you have traveled to Asia, Europe or the Middle East in the past month or have been in contact with anyone who has been lab-diagnosed with COVID-19.
At this time, there is no disruption in our schedule; We are open during our business hours and we look forward to serving you at your appointment. If you have not yet scheduled your appointment, our staff is ready to assist you. If you need to modify your appointment for any reason, please contact us. We would be very happy to accommodate your schedule.
For the latest information on the current health crisis from the CDC, please visit cdc.gov
Thank you for your trust in us during these challenging times. We will update you as the situation evolves.

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