Body Composition Analysis

A Body Composition Analysis is a breakdown of what an individual’s body is composed of in regards to water content, muscle mass, body fat mass, body mass index, visceral fat level (fat around the organs in the body) and basal metabolic rate. A Body Composition Analysis also provides information about the balance between the water content within the cells of the body and the water content around the cells in the body.

In current practice, most Medical Practitioners are gradually pulling away from using BMI measurements as the sole diagnostic criteria for obesity. This is because BMI is a calculation based on an individual’s height and weight but provides no data on what the individual’s weight is composed of.

It may be surprising to learn that not everyone with an elevated BMI is obese.

The most accurate diagnosis for obesity is a Body Composition Analysis which provides a detailed breakdown of what the body is composed of, with recommendations for muscle needs and fat balance.

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