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Welcome to androdermx, the one stop center for all your wellness needs including hormone replacement therapies, weight management, erectile dysfunction therapies and some primary care. Have you been experiencing low energy, lack of motivation, low libido, loss of morning erections or poor erection quality, sleep disturbances, mood alterations, memory fog, or weight changes? Schedule a free consultation with one of our providers today and begin the journey to regaining your vitality!

DOT Physicals and IV Hydration therapies...... Coming soon!!! 

Please check back with us by calling our office at 281-954-6200

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Walk-in appointments are accepted for Male Hormone Replacement Therapy visits. Female Hormone Replacement Therapy visits by appointments only. Please call our office to schedule your visit.

If you will be using your insurance for treatment, please come in before 10:00am. Give us a call if you have any questions

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